Sure-Fire Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to have the distinction of being a vanEE Certified Specialist company. Having this distinction, allows Sure-Fire to offer it's customers better vanEE Warranty on HRV's and ERV's than other vanEE dealers. See below for more details.

Proper home ventilation is the key to good indoor air quality. The homes constructed presently, are unlike the homes 20 years ago. Quality ventilation is the key to keeping your home from humidity build-up and is necessary to constantly circulate 'fresh air'.



This can be done by installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator or HRV as it is commonly known. The HRV provides a continuous flow of fresh outdoor air while removing stale, polluted air from inside the home, key factors in maintaining optimal indoor air quality and good health. Excess humidity is also removed from air to improve home comfort and reduce the risk of moisture damage, mold and mildew. This unique technology was invented in Canada because of our cold climate. The use of Heat Exchangers can recapture 60-80% of the heat energy from the conditioned air that would have otherwise been lost through an exhaust only strategy.



Energy Recovery Ventilators or ERV's as they are commonly known, work in a similar fashion to HRV's, but keep humidity in your home in the Winter months, and take it out of your home in the Summer months. Both HRV's and ERV's have the incoming air which flows through a washable foam filter to ensure you have the ultimate in clean air for your home. If you have an older home, we can customize and design your HRV or ERV to suit your home. VanEE and other Canadian ventilator manufacturers supply a full range of products for every cost range and home configuration. These HRV's and ERV's require regular maintenance to keep them performing at optimum conditions. Filters and heat exchanger cores should be regularly cleaned and it is essential that the entire system be balanced to maximize the heat recovery efficiency. We can provide this service to you, or you can talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians about maintaining your own system effectively.


vanEE Bronze Series

Sure-Fire vanEE Certified Specialist - 3 years parts including in home service (labour)

Standard vanEE dealer - 2 years parts only


vanEE Gold and HE Series

Sure-Fire vanEE Certified Specialist - 3 years parts including in home service (labour) years 4 & 5 parts only

Standard vanEE dealer - 5 years parts only


VanEE makes their own ERV cores in their very own core manufacturing plant in Drummonville, Quebec. Prior to manufacturing their own cores, vanEE had a very advanced defrost strategy that was with their third party ERV cores. This strategy was quite effective and would decrease run time and increase interval times when units were in "no negative pressure" (recirculation defrost mode). This was about 90-95% effective. vanEE now manufacturers their own ERV cores with advanced integrity and enthalpic properties and no longer requires special defrost cycles. In fact, vanEE can now use the same defrost cycle for both HRV's and ERV's. That is how they can now change from one technology to the other (60H model HRV/ERV cores) with no modifications whatsoever.


The HRV core allows transfer of heat from supply to exhaust streams (and vice versa in the summer). The HRV and ERV will transfer 70-95% of the heat from July day and transfer this to the exhaust air stream, so the homes air conditioning system works less. The ERV core does exactly what the HRV core does, plus it transfers latent energy in the form of water vapour. Higher to lower RH (relative humidy).


Sure-Fire Heating and Air Conditioning prefers to install vanEE HRV's and ERV's because vanEE HRV's and ERV's can be used in Kingston and surrounding areas, when other manufacturers cannot without having performance issues. Other manufacturers state that ERV's should not be used in regions with daily temperatures below -4 Celsius! Their install manuals even warn not to use ERV's below -4 Celsius. That's because their ERV cores are made by third party manufacturers that primarily service temperate areas of the USA. Most ERV's do not like the frost/thaw cycle. These other manufacturers have not developed adequate defrost strategies to address this situation, but vanEE has!


In the summer, higher humidity from outside gets wicked across the enthalpic core and gets exhausted outdoors (due to higher RH in the outside air stream versus RH indoors) vanEE cores are specifically designed to be approximately 50% efficient, to be effective in all seasons.


For Example: 
In winter, RH is higher indoor, so about 50% of the RH transfers from exhaust to incoming fresh air streams, thus retaining an adequate amount of humidity.

Keep in mind lifestyles. ERVs are great for those who like air conditioning or do not produce lots of moisture. Empty nesters, those with larger homes with fewer people in them are some great examples of those who would benefit from ERV. A couple with 4 teenage daughters showering 2x a day with 6 people living in a modest sized bungalow, would be better served by a HRV.

ERV cores should be surface vacuumed every 3-4 months and never washed or immersed in water. HRV cores, same as ERV cores but they can be washed, hence the lifetime warranty on HRV cores vs. ERV cores at 5 years.